Jun 12, 2009


Looks like the haze or smog is back choking us all. It is becoming an annual affair and what sickens me is that the government is doing nothing to stop it from becoming an annual affair. Sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and all the other dioxides fill the atmosphere- we are being poisoned to death in this 'gas chamber' which the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia are it's main joint sponsors. If Hitler's nazi war criminals could be tried in Nuremberg for the atrocities of the gas chambers, what about these two governments? Are they not criminals too? They commit crime against the environment and society year after year by their criminal negligence. To me this is the worst kind of atrocity. Killing all of us softly with their despicable apathy. They know the smog will have severe consequences on the public health - we all breathe in the filth 24 hours a day for months- year after year and yet they do nothing or little about it. Instead they enjoy happy holidays in Switzerland while the rest of us here succumb to disease and death. Perhaps each of us citizens should contribute to a legal fund - each of us contributing RM1 towards the fund to finance a litigation to sue these criminals as they have been grossly negligent to us all. I am sure a case can be made up against them. Forest fires raging from the Sumatra island increase by the day and the winds blow the choking smoke over all of us and the problem is compounded by the El Nino effect- res ipsa loquitur i.e. the thing speaks for itself. With opinions from medical experts on the affect of the smog on us all, i am convinced we have a case against these incompetent governments. Bring them to trial!
All we get from the government is the air pollution index. They don't even give us free N95 masks. So much for a caring government. As for the API, i wonder if the truth is really being told given these governments' record on transparency and corruption.
We are 'sitting ducks'. Helpless victims. I feel sorry for the elderly and those with respiratory and heart problems. They suffer the most and surely have their life spans shortened. What about the rest? They will in time suffer chronic diseases.
Perhaps its time for a truly environment and people friendly government to come into power in the next general elections.

Jun 6, 2009


The Sunday Star at page N4 had this news piece - "Working towards National Unity". It is reported :- "The Prime Minister said national unity could not be attained if the approach was not based on reality but on an Utopian ideal which did not take into account contemporary sensitivities and realities".

What is the reality facing the nation now? Perhaps the PM is still talking about the reality of racial politics and the need for it to exist so that a few "Umnoputras" can get richer and become billionaires or millionaires? Or so that only a minority rich can continue to enjoy Utopia in this land at the expense of the majority? Are we still talking about policies to make more malay millionaires or billionaires so that the Malays always enjoy 'Ketuanan Melayu"? Do we still want policies that make the Chinese, Indians and the lain-lain feel like they are second class citizens in their own country? The reality in my mind is that national unity can only be achieved when the government has a policy that brings the greatest possible happiness to ALL peoples of the nation irrespective of race, creed, sex or colour.

Perhaps when he says 'contemporary sensitivities and realities' he means the sensitivities and realities of the Umnoputras must be taken into consideration. Or that only an Utopia that takes into account Umnoputras' sensitivities and realities can bring about national unity? Either way i say he is ignorant of the realities facing the country today. The people are fed up of racial politics as is evident from the last elections and last few by elections. They want justice and equal distribution of wealth to all. They want transparency, good governance and fairness in the administration of the country.

In my mind ALL people are most sensitive to happiness and will happily want to realize it in their lives. And to realize this goal, racial politics in all its forms must be abolished. Racial politics cause distrust, injustice and division and as the great Nazarene taught :- "a house divided against itself cannot stand". Racial politics has been manipulated by unscupulous leaders to stay in power and create Utopia for only a few- those connected to those in power while creating Dystopia - a totalitarian and repressive society for the rest of the people.

The Government should endeavor to work towards the ideal of an Utopia for ALL- 'Utopia' (a term coined by Saint Thomas More) means an ideal community or society. A policy of utilitarianism could just work when implemented rightly and wisely. Utilitarianism would require that all moral, social and political actions shall direct towards achieving for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. What brings more unity than ensuring happiness reaches to all, making sure all are treated with respect and fairly, ensuring that all the resources and wealth of the nation be accessible and distributed fairly and equally to ALL and not only to a few billionaires and millionaires. Abolish greed and selfishness. That should be the new economic policy. Follow the Islamic policy of a just and fair society- to my mind this is Utopia. Let us have religious tolerance and work towards the happiness and goodness of all. If the Islamic policy came from God, surely it is meant to bring about the greatest happiness and goodness to all - it must have elements of utilitarianism.

In the golden rule of the great Nazarene we read the complete spirit of the ethics of utility. To do as one would be done by, and to love one's neighbor as oneself constitutes the ideal perfection of utilitarian morality. Utility would enjoin that laws and social arrangements be placed to promote the happiness or the interest of the whole. It would enjoin that education and opinion, which have a vast power over human character, be used to establish in the mind of every individual an indissoluble association between his own happiness and the good of the whole. It would implement a policy to implant the impulse to promote the general good in every individual. It would do away with nepotism, cronysim and racial politics. Utopia should be the PM's ideal. Policies of Utilitarianism the way to achieve it. He should not lay limitations to the ideal. Let us bring about an economic utopia, a political utopia, a religious utopia, a scientifical and technological utopia etc. After all, we coined the phrase "Malaysia Boleh" didn't we? Let us create a Utopian society in this beloved land of ours.

Jun 2, 2009


The 1Malaysia policy is being trumpeted all over the media these days. What is 1Malaysia? How can we have 1Malaysia policy when selfishness reigns in society, when the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing by the day, when certain ethnic groups are neglected, when we are not ONE about religion, about language, about education, about sports, about justice, about democratic freedoms etc. How can be ONE when policies that divide still exist? How can we feel ONE when we do not feel ONE. What is there to feel ONE about? Is this all an illusion? Or is it just a play of words to gain political mileage? We can say ONE body when we talk about our bodies because every part seeks the happiness or pleasures of the rest and avoid unpleasantness or pain for the rest. If our tooth aches, we make sure we do something about it to stop the pain. If we are hungry, we eat, if our heart is clogged, we make sure we go and get an angioplasty or a by pass to give us peace of mind. We act in harmony in the interest of ALL parts so it makes sense to talk about ONE body. But not ONE Malaysia, no yet so in my mind.
So do we have a philosophy to make 1Malaysia a reality. Utilitarianism perhaps? We all want to be happy don't we? We all want to avoid suffering and pain don't we? So if we have ONE common goal to ENSURE that all be happy, then in a sense we can become ONE.
The English philosopher, John Stuart Mill wrote that Utility or the greatest happiness principle means that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong if they tend to produce unhappiness. And he meant not just bringing about the greatest happiness to the individual only but the greatest amount of happiness to ALL, ALTOGETHER. This was Mill's standard of morality. Utility includes not solely the pursuit of happiness but the prevention or mitigation of unhappiness or PAIN in society.
How is this to be attained? According to Mills, it can be attained by the general cultivation of nobleness of character of all individuals in society. Thus in England we have the noble English gentleman. For when we are noble we will act in a manner that will bring happiness to all around us- not only human beings but all beings. We will be ashamed to be selfish for we know the consequences of our selfishness to society. Looking around us today, we see how man's greed and selfishness is destroying our country and the planet day by day. To bring about the greatest happiness to all would surely include certain amount of sacrifices, selflessness or nobleness on everyone's part to bring about the right balance of goodness and happiness in society
Mills further held that next to selfishness, the principal cause which makes life unsatisfactory is want of mental cultivation. A cultivated mind according to Mills was one which the fountains of knowledge have been opened and which has been taught to exercise its faculties to think rightly, greatly to bring happiness to all. Thus we require an education system or a policy that brings about the greatest mental cultivation to our citizens which would mean an education or policy based on the goodness and happiness of self sacrifice, renunciation, 'a give and take' policy for the good of ALL concerned for in the long run, this will bring only happiness to ALL. It would mean a policy rooted in the best traditions of democracy, justice and fair play. It would mean a policy training minds to be one for the happiness of all and all for the happiness of one so that the greatest happiness can be distributed to all.
The great Nazarene did after all teach:- "Be on your guard against all kinds of greed. A man's life does not consists in the abundance of his possessions". There has to be a balance between materialism and spiritualism (or moralism).
According to Mills, wretched education and wretched social arrangements are the only real hindrance to Utilitarianism's goal of bringing happiness to all. Lack of mental cultivation and nobleness in members of society lead to gross impudence, ill regulated desires and bad or imperfect social institutions - the enemies of Utilitarianism. And i believe that as long as there is no happiness to all, as long as inequality, selfishness, greed and social pains reign in society, there can be no 1Malaysia. Perhaps if our Prime Minister is really serious in bringing about 1Malaysia, he should consider Mill's Utilitarianism as a guideline.

May 9, 2009

Happy Wesak Day

Happy Wesak Day. Have not been blogging for some time now. Busy making a living. That is the problem with ordinary citizens. We are so busy making a living that we do not have time for the noble things in life like fighting for a better government, taking part in human rights demonstrations, going down to Perak to oppose the unconscionable take over of the state government, (on a big scale level) or to visit the sick in the hospital, the lonely elderly at the old folks home or the orphans at the orphanage homes, share our thoughts in our blogs (on a small scale level).
We are too busy earning to pay debts, to settle commitments- to feed, educate, clothe, shelter our own. We are so absorbed in our selves and our own- our little world- that there is very little energy or time left to fight for change in society. We are kept so busy in making money to pay bills that we are crippled to pursue our ideals. We do not have the freedom to be our true selves, to have the luxury to think, to be creative and do great things for our fellow citizens. We are constantly in a rat race. We become slaves to an oppressive system whereby we are compelled to sacrifice our values, our human dignity.
Perhaps today is the day to make a new commitment to manage our time better so that we have extra time to give to bring about a purification in the society we live in, to bring about real change. We can start by 'standing up and be counted' to bringing about a better government of the country which will bring about a better people, a better economy and therefore a better society.
E.F Schumacher, an economist had written in 'Buddhist Economics' (1973) that "materialism cannot sustain our present day economy as an attitude to life which seeks fulfilment in the single minded pursuit of wealth does not fit into this world, because it contains within itself no limiting principle, while the environment in which it is placed is strictly limited. It is clear that Buddhist economics must be different from the economics of modern materialism, since the Buddhist sees the essence of civilisation not in the manipulation of wants but the purification of human character. Character, at the same time, is formed primarilly by a man's work. And work, properly conducted in the conditions of human dignity and freedom blesses those who do it and equally their products".
May all be well and happy.

Mar 20, 2009

Karma in football

For those who do not believe that the law of karma applies to football, think again. After the Champion League's draw yesterday, it looks like there is a real possibility of Manchester United meeting Liverpool in the Champions League Final. It was supposed to take place last year but did not. Well maybe the football gods have a better script in store this year. Liverpool has done the double over MU this season so far. The final between these two would surely be explosive, passionate and a no holds barred battle. A great treat for all football fans around the world though i think not for the organisers or the Rome police and security force. It would be a nightmare for them to control the fans from these two clubs with a great history, passion and animosity between them.
I don't think the scoreline will be 4-1 again. I am willing to wager RM100 on it. Coming to think of it, perhaps the 4-1 scoreline was a 'karmic debt' United had to pay to get an easier draw to the Champion's league final. The 4-1 thrashing was a freak result that i still could not come to terms with until yesterday's draw. The route to the final sure looks easier for United compared to their main rivals in the race for the Premier league title- Chelsea and Liverpool. Perhaps these two will knock , kick and batter themselves out in the two legged quarter final and be too exhausted to continue the race for the title. Well i think all we MU fans will be looking forward to just that. It is becoming an annual affair for Liverpool and Chelsea to meet each other in these crucial knock out stages of the cup. It would be a shock if it did not happen. Karma has it that they deserve each other for company. And i wonder why..
Coming back to the game last Saturday, I just cannot believe that Nemanja Vidic, the rock of the United defence could make such a mistake. I am sure a lot of United fans are still having recurrent nightmares about the give away. In the first game away to Liverpool, both Ryan Giggs and Wes Brown gave away balls to Liverpool to score. With all the humble pie MU team and their fans had to eat the last week and continuing, with all the boasting, ridicule and scorn poured upon by their rivals since that baffling, disastrous result, it is no wonder yesterday's draw favored them. Evidence of instant karma at work! The gods are kind and benevolent to the Red Devils. Liverpool had used all their good karma and now have a more difficult task to the final. So too Chelsea. Well if the 4-1 defeat was one MU had to pay to win the Premiership title, the Champions League cup and the FA cup, i think it would be most worth it. And we have to thank Liverpool for that if the quintiple becomes a reality.
Looking at the draw last night, it looks like it could be MU's year again to lift the UEFA Champions League Cup but then as the saying goes in football - 'the ball is round, anything can happen'. That's what makes football addictive to millions or possibily billions around the world. Best of luck to all contestants in the quarter finals. In these times of economic hardship, these games sure provide some form of relief to fans and great topics for discussion. It brings UNITY to all. Manchester United!

Mar 18, 2009

Manchester United and Liverpool

Looks like the Liverpool fans are still on cloud nine or ten this week. After all their team trashed MU 4-1. What orgasm for them until they can't forget it. Even they can't believe it so it was a fluke shot. Other clubs have also been encouraged by Liverpool players to attack United in the way Liverpool did as if a formula has been found how to beat MU. Well, as a MU fan, all i can say is that luck was with Liverpool last saturday, and rightly so as the they were more hardworking and compact as a team. The MU players were complacent, over confident, sluggish, not attacking the ball enough and therefore lost. Perhaps playing the game 2 1/2 days after the CL game against Inter Milan did not help.
It was a freak result. Anyway there is still opportunity for redemption in the Champions League. Maybe MU will have the last laugh. And he who laughs last, laughs loudest! Bring on Liverpool once more!

Bravo Chong Wei!

Looks like Chong Wei took my bruce lee advice and beat Lin Dan at the Swiss Badminton Open...Congratulations to him. Hope he starts beating the Chinese ace more frequently from now on.

Mar 8, 2009

Bruce Lee 'Chong Wei'

Malaysians experienced another failure at the All England Badminton men's single final yesterday. Lee Chong Wei (recently conferred the title 'Datuk') lost to Lin Dan of China. He lost to the same opponent at the Olympics, Lin Dan taking the gold medal. Looks like he is always coming out second best and i feel for the lad. He has lost 8 out of their 9 previous meetings.
Looking at Lee, i felt that he lacked mental strength. I felt he felt inferior to Lin Dan. As the Malaysian crowd at the stadium cheered his name and 'Malaysia Boleh', as the nation watched on TV, he could not even win a set, losing in straight sets. In the first set, he was just two points away from winning the first set but made silly mistakes to allow Lin Dan to win the set. He lacked the cool composure of a Morten Frost or a Yang Yang in that crucial time and that costs him the set and the game. Lee has got good skills but that is useless without the winning mentality. He lost to himself. Lin Dan wanted to win more badly than Lee. He looked confident, acted confident and had the 'Superior mentality'. Lee on the other hand looked sick, weak, insecure and lost. Lin Dan played the role of the bully. Lee, the bullied.
I received a sms from a friend which sums up more or less what most Malaysians must be thinking:-
'Sorry i am unable to reply to you earlier as i am very frustrated and speechless as he lost to himself and not Lin Dan as this chinese played his lousy game as b4. Opportunity do not come every time at this prestigous tournament. He lost to his shadow. Dato tak boleh as he failed to hope that almost every malaysian had on him. It always happen to malaysian sportsmen when u expect them to deliver, they failed. Really sucks!'
Lin Dan himself had said after the game "It wasn't tactical or anything - we are both good players. It was more psychological. I was focused and calm".
Perhaps Datuk Lee should heed the words of his namesake, the late Bruce LEE on how to win the next time:-
Lee should be like water.. 'Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend'.
That way he can adapt to any style Lin Dan uses. Lee should "Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life. Do not be concerned with escaping safely - lay your life before him.".
Lee should also learn from this Bruce Lee interview:-

Question: "What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?" Bruce: "There is no opponent." Question: "Why is that?" Bruce: "Because the word 'I' does not exist." A good fight should be like a small play...but played seriously. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity... I do not hit...it hits all by itself."

Lee should also forget about what he has learnt from his coach Misbun Sidek - "Any technique, however worthy and desirable, becomes a disease when the mind is obsessed with it." "Truth has no path. Truth is living, and therefore, changing. It has no resting place, no form, no organized institution, no philosophy."

He should just forget the past, the future, all his philosophy, his coaches advice, techniques and concentrate on the NOW and adapt accordingly to it. Every game has its own truth and Lee must find his style as the game progresses in the present. Lin Dan is good at changing his game, so must Lee - "The man who is really serious, with the urge to find out what truth is, has no style at all. He lives only in what is." .

Lee should "Possess the eye of an eagle, the cunning of a fox, the agility and alertness of a cat with the courage, aggressiveness and fierceness of a panther, the striking power of a cobra and the resistance of a mongoose." And finally - " There is no actor but the action; there is no experiencer but the experience."

Perhaps Lee can start by calling himself Bruce Lee Chong Wei.

Weekend demonstration

Last weekend thousands marched and demonstrated to protest the teaching of Maths and Science in English. Of course the police and the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) were there to disperse the demo with tear gases and water cannons. We have been independent for 51 years now. We tell the world we practice democracy. Why then are citizens still not allowed to march and demonstrate peacefully? If they want to march and hand over a memorandum to the King, let them do it. Give the organisers a permit to demo to hand over the memo to the palace. It is a joy to see people able to assemble, march and air their views peacefully. GIve them an avenue to vent their frustrations with the policies of the powers that be. No need for violence and assault by the FRU and the police. We should learn from countries like France, US and UK how to go about handling such assemblies. The fact that the powers that be still do not honor such a democratic right is pathetic and shows that we have not matured as a democratic society.
Now about the teaching of maths and science in English, I have no objections with that policy. However there are others who feel they want to study the subjects in the Malay language. I have no objections with that too. Students should be allowed to study in the language they are most comfortable with. As long as they are educated rightly in the subjects. To resolve the problem, allow the subjects to be taught in both languages. Those who want to study in English may attend the classes that teach in English and those who want to study in Malay may attend classes that teach the subjects in Malay. The students and their parents should be allowed to make up their minds about the benefits of studying the subjects in English or Malay. End of problem.

Mar 7, 2009

Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy)

I went to have a foot reflexology massage last Friday. My foot massager was a Malay man from Sabah. He thought I was Malay and he went on discussing the topic of Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu) with me. He said that the country belongs to the Malays and therefore Malay rights reigned supreme over all the other races who were immigrants in this country until the Father of Independence, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman made a mistake and decided to give them citizenship. He said that if the Malays were not careful, they would lose everthing to the non Malays and this country will end up like Singapore. He was disgusted with the way the Malays were fighting among themselves. He wanted unity of the Malays. He encouraged me as a lawyer to fight for the rights of the Malays to ensure the Malay Supremacy reigns in this country. UMNO is the only hope for the Malays. I felt very disturbed at the way the conversation was going but tried my best to put myself in the position of a Malay to emphatize with my massager. How would I feel about the concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if I were a Malay? My question was what gives me the special right? The answer lies in the Federal Constitution. So that is where I would have to start.

The important article would be Article 153. Briefly it speaks about the safeguarding of the special privileges of the Malays by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. ‘Malay’ is defined in the Constitution as mainly ‘a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaking the Malay language and conforms to the Malay customs’. So anybody can be a Malay by this definition if they just satisfy the conditions to become a Malay.

Next, how is one to interpret the article? One must look at the notes or reports of those who were entrusted with preparing or drafting the Constitution - the Reid Commission. The Commission, formed to draft the framework of the Constitution prior to independence had released a report in 1957. According to the Commission, the Article was included in the Constitution to protect the Malays from the other races in the country at the time namely the Indians and the Chinese as the Malays were still lagging behind in many areas – education, business, professionals etc and therefore the special privileges should be given to allow the Malays to progress educationally and economically in all areas in the public and private sector to enable them to compete with the other races. The intent was not to give permanent special privileges to the Malays. It was to be a temporary measure and that can be verified from the Reid Commission report.

The Commission reported that "there was great opposition in some quarters to any increase of the present preferences and to their being continued for any prolonged period." The Commission recommended that the existing privileges should be continued as the "Malays would be at a serious and unfair disadvantage compared with other communities if they were suddenly withdrawn." However, "in due course the present preferences should be reduced and should ultimately cease."

This view is echoed by one of the founding fathers of the nation, the late Tun Dr Ismail who did say that the special privileges provision was to allow the Malays to have a handicap (to borrow an expression from golf) which would place them in a position of fair competition with better players. Therefore like a golfer, it should not be the aim of the Malays to perpetuate this handicap but to strive to improve their game and thereby reducing and finally removing the handicap completely.

Thus from the above, this concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ cannot be sustained. It was never the intention of the founding fathers of this nation. In fact it would go against the spirit of the founding Fathers who were really very simple, humble, principled, selfless but very capable individuals. It is unthinkable that they would have condoned such a title or concept. In fact the concept reminds one of Hitler's Aryan Race- the Master Race and something which our founding Fathers would NOT want to be associated with. It is so egoistic and an unthinkable title for the Malays who were lagging behind the other races at the time. A Tuan cannot lag behind.
After the May 13 1969 riots, Tun Dr Ismail angry with certain extremist Malays warned against such a concept - 'these ultras believe in the wild and fantastic theory of absolute dominion by one race over the other communities, regardless of the Constitution'.
Now assuming i am wrong and assuming that the Malays are the Master Race, then they must qualify to merit such a title. Would the label 'Ketuanan Melayu' make them superior? If they are imbeciles, incompetent, mediocre, inferior and weak, are they fit to be called 'Tuan'? Can they honestly believe themselves to be superior? They live a lie if they think so. It would make a mockery of the title.
To be a "Tuan" or master, the Malays have to earn the title. So they have to be the best in equal competition. They have been given a handicap for 51 years now. Its time they compete with the other races on merit and prove that they are better. They have to show they are a highly moral principled people, a hard working people, a people who excel in whatever they do. They have to show themselves competent and worthy of respect. They have to be the shining example of execellence. They have to show they are clean, efficient, trustworthy. They have to earn the respect. Then even without the title 'Tuan', they will be recognised as 'Tuan'. Even without the title they will feel like a 'Tuan' and people will acknowledge they are 'Tuan'. Only inferior people need titles. A superior people do not need titles. They are superior by thought, word and deed and will be respected and honored by all.
In the case of my foot reflexology massager, instead of just being an employee of a chinese boss, he should own his own reflexology center, be the best foot reflexology massager in town that even the other races would recognise him as "Tuan' in his field.
So for all the Malays out there who believe in 'Ketuanan Melayu', i challenge you to be the best in the chosen field of your endeavor and earn your title. Then and only then, can you even start to talk about 'Ketuanan Melayu'.
Otherwise, better to follow the US declaration of Independence - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

Mar 5, 2009

The Great Depression

A legislative assembly held under a tree because of police blockage to the the assembly House, a High court order restraining the speaker from discharging his duties, another High Court order directing that the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial be heard in the High Court overturning the ruling of the Sessions Court below - looks like the government of the day is using the police and the judiciary to achieve its goals that is to prevent the opposition run state governments from ruling the states efficiently. The sacredness of the doctrines of separation of powers and natural justice have been defiled, brushed aside and the police (those guys with guns) are on the side of the powers that be. The latter seems to be lacking in will to condemn and and punish those involved in cases of police brutality as can be seen in the Kugan case. The anti corruption agency is also very slow to investigate cases that involve people that are in the circle of the powers that be but very fast to highlight 'wrongdoings' by opposition leaders. This is a frightening scenario for the nation. What about the army (those guys with guns, bombs, tanks, and trained in the art of war)? whose side are they on?
And the ordinary people? They have the economy in mind. They have survival in mind, to make more money to make ends meet. They have to wake up early to go to work like robots to make a living. They have to sit and wait through heavy rains, bear with flash floods, long traffic jams (due to poor town planning), which makes them even more rushed for time, agitated and frustrated. There is no good news from the powers that be to give them the 'feel good' feeling, to allieviate their worries and fears. Instead feed the public with sex scandals and brutal crimes to talk about, encourage conditons of apathy and selfishness so that they have no time to think about lofty selfless ideals, about fighting for good and justice or for bringing about change for the betterment of the nation. Likewise the lawyers who are supposed to be the guardians of Justice and human rights in the country are now being subject to what seems to be a policy to frustrate, humiliate and degrade them in the Jalan Duta Court complex- they are made to sit, stand and wait at the Court corridors while waiting for instructions as to how next to proceed. They are treated like school children or people at the bus or train station waiting to buy tickets. Further lawyers who repesent the powers that be can be confident of winning while lawyers who represent the opposition can be confident of losing. There are those above the law. The rich and powerful can get away with wrongdoings, even murder.
Perhaps that is what the powers that be want. Keep the people preoccupied with their personal problems, keep the lawyers frustrated so that the powers that be can run the country as they wish. No need for transparency and accountability. Only damn the opposition. All the machinery and might of the State (including the Internal Security Act) must be used to frustrate and silence opposition.
We are waiting for a Superman or a Savior to save us from all these ills and evils but there seems to be none in sight. We feel helpless, hopeless, frustrated, angry and insecure. Everyone into himself or herself! The Great Depression is already here..

Feb 19, 2009

Death penalty

A lawyer friend of mine was very sad, disappointed, angry, bitter and disgusted today. The reason- his client was sentenced to death by hanging. He is good defence lawyer ( we have done criminal trials together) so i have no doubt that he would have got an acquittal if the judge was fair and competent. He would not have felt the way he did if his client had got a fair hearing. But his client did not get a fair hearing- the judge was not learned and unable to appreciate the law. He lacked judicial skills of judges of the past. He sat and easily condemned a fellow man to death without any sound reasoning. According to my friend, he had submitted for two hours on fact and law until lunch time. Then court resumed after lunch and the judge delivered his decision to send his client to the gallows without giving reasons as to why he disagreed with points of law and fact raised by defence counsel. Given that this is a capital offence case, the judge should have been more careful when delivering his decision. Why not take a few days to consider arguments put forward? Why the hurry to convict the accused and send him to the gallows? Where is the compassion? Where is the patience? Where is the wisdom? Where is the caution? Where is the mercy? Where is the diligence? Are judges hearing too many cases that they have become immune to compassion, to justice, to life? Is the policy just to clear up the backlog of cases so that a judge can be promoted faster? Is the power to send people to the gallows being exercised for the sake of convenience and self interest? Is life no more dignified, sacred and precious? Are our judges experienced enough, learned in the law enough, to be entrusted with power to take away a man's life?
I have already voiced my complaint about the way the new JAC is constituted. The above episode just confirms my phobia about the present way of appointing judges. There are just too many judges coming from the government departments and the Attorney General Chambers. Otherwise lawyers in private practice who have had connections with the government in the past are appointed. Further there are too many Malays judges and too few judges from the other races.
Judges should be first of all compassionate, selflless, honest, of high moral standing, and very experienced and learned in the law. Otherwise they have no business being a judge. They should not take up the post to satisfy their lust for power, fame and glory. They should not go lobbying to be a judge. They should not fear the government, they should be courageous, they should be be fair, they should be humble, kind, graceful and honorable. They should be thorough and sound when delivering judgments. This should come easily if they have the experience in the law and a talent for writing. Their 'God' should be Natural Justice and Truth. The government has too much say in the appointment of judges and that is a real concern. With the political legal suits being filed these days, with so much at stake for the leaders and political parties involved, there is a strong suspicion that the government or the powers that be, want 'their people' to be appointed judges to serve their interest.
As far as the death penalty is concerned, i think life and death is too sacred and important an issue to be left in the hands of a judge. It should be abolished. If the death penalty cannot be abolished, then i think that the jury system should be revived in this country. At least we have group of 12 lay people deciding on the fate of the accused rather then one judge. It is always safer.

Feb 17, 2009

Violation of modesty

I have been receiving so many sms-es for 3 days in a row about a certain local lady politician who was photographed in the nude while she was in her home that it began to bother me. How could the media be so heartless and cold? How could the people who had possession of the photographs be so cruel? Do they not know that they are destroying a lady's life here? Is it all about making profits or pleasing their paymasters? Is it politically motivated?
I just got a copy of the NST and it has the lady saying that she has been violated. She says that it was a malicious attack on her and a gross outrage of her modesty. Now the NST also quotes the former Selangor MB as saying "She must resign from all her positions. This is about morality. I cannot accept a lawmaker whose morality is questionable'. Now who is he to talk about morality? Is he so clean, trusworthy and efficient- without sin to pass judgment? Is his morality unquestionable? Has he never been immoral? I wonder if he would have said the same thing if a politician from his own party had been exposed in a similar situation. Or if he would have resigned his MB's post if he was photographed naked in his home? Or is he just playing politics & thinking about winning the Umno elections which is just a month away? By my moral standards, by him judging her, he has just exposed his own immorality. With leaders like him, the country is headed down the road to perdition.
I am told the lady is single so she is entitled to have boyfriends isn't she? Now what is wrong with being naked in one's own home? Rumours say she was with her ex boyfriend who took the photographs while she was naked and asleep on the sofa. Is that her fault? It could happen to anyone of us in these days of the 'eagle eye' or should i say 'evil eye'. So what if she is with her ex boyfriend in her home? She is not a moslem. Are we to judge her by the laws of Islam? It is the norm these days for couples to stay together before they get married. That does not make them bad, immoral or dishonest people.
As a result of the circulation of the photographs, she has now decided to resign and that means a possibility of another by election. This is an horrific example of how low some people will go to bring another person down. How much did the ex boyfriend get for selling the photographs? Are her political rivals behind the whole affair? Is there hidden agenda?
The question now arises if she should still be allowed to carry out her duties as an elected representative of the people or should she resign? Some are calling her to step down. A friend of mine told me that people say she should as if she did not, everytime men see her, men will get aroused and excited. Is that her fault or the men's fault? Men being men will undress woman anyway if they are pretty and sexy. So lets not be hypocrites. After all, once upon a time, we walked the earth naked and mated without restraint. Polygamy was the norm. Propagation of the species was the priority.
Now who among us have not been nude in our homes? Or slept nude on our beds or sofa? If not just walking around naked, admiring ourselves in the mirrors of our homes, maybe in the act of pleasure itself? So i cannot see why this lady's private matter has been blown out of all proportions. Perhaps somebody wants to force another by election. There are already two coming up. If that is the case then the means adopted is most evil as the poor lady is now in great humiliation, anguish and misery. I do not think she should resign. I think she is an honest politician as she has not denied that she was in the photograph. We need more honest politicians around. She has even offered to resign. That shows sacrifice- she is not putting herself first. She is being selfless. We need more selfless politicians.
Those calling her to resign are judging her. They think themselves superior over her. They think they are infallible and without sin. They do not look at themselves and the filth in their own minds and hearts. They want to take out a 'saw dust' from her eye when there is a 'plank' in their own eyes. They forget all the good this lady has done in the past, they don't focus on the whole of her life and instead focus on the one 'mistake' that she has made and judge her on that mistake alone. They know nothing about forgiveness as they do not want to let go of her throat. They judge with their moral religous laws but they do not realise that those very 'God given laws' are God's mirrors to them to reveal just how filthy their hearts really are. Mirrors can't clean their filth away. What they need is more love, compassion and mercy when dealing with others. That is the right way to act and to purify their hearts, to become more moral.
I hope that the lady finds all the support, encouragement and love that she deserves and that she will carry on serving the public for the rest of her term in office. I also hope that the media focus its attention on the government's performance in tackling the global economic crisis facing the country that i have been harping about rather than nude photographs of politicians.

Feb 16, 2009


We all get insights. It may be right or it may be wrong, only time will tell. This is an insight i have got recently:-
We breathe even though we are not conscious of it. Likewise we digest food unconciously. When we go into a deep sleep, the body functions normally unconciously. It is the natural way. It is always simple, unconscioused and eased way. The way as it is. It is only when the 'i' & its affairs come into the picture that interrupts the natural way & makes everything unnatural, complicated, difficult and dis-eased. The 'i' is the trouble maker..the body is in the mind and not vice versa. If the mind is filled with 'i-ness', which brings suffering, the body being a product of the mind and still exist in the mind will be so conditioned to make it dis-eased.

How to make this country great

When we read the papers today all we read about is about politics. The powers that be do not seem to appreciate fully the threat of the economic crisis. This is a clear sign that the leaders are not matured and not competent to lead the nation to heights of greatness. At a time when there is a need for unity, the leaders of the ruling party keep emphasising on disunity- they play politics to disunite the people.

I propose the following be acted upon to make this country great:-

The introduction of a new economic policy, where all citizens of the country are regarded as equal and a policy that distributes wealth equally and reduces the gap between the rich and the poor........ implementation of policies which pay special attention to the poor and those who are lagging behind the rest.......the introduction of anti discimination laws with strict punishment on those who discriminate.........the introduction of a race relations Act with strict punishment on those who are racists and implement policies that divide based on race...the abolishment of UMNO, MIC and MCA in short the end of any party that is based on race....the introduction of a policy based on merit in the public and private sector (including education) which rewards those who are competent, have talent and ability regardless of race, sex or creed.....the abolishment of any or policies and laws that divide the peoples- that means the end of special rights for certain peoples, the end of the special rights of the people in Sabah and Sarawak, that means equal opportunity for education, trade and making of wealth for all citizens in any of the states in this country......the introduction of special muhibbah companies (instead of bumiputera companies) comprising of specially qualified persons of all races to be sent overseas to invest just like what Temasik does for Singapore........the establishment of a specialised sports body comprising of the only the best sportsmen and sportswomen and qualified young and dynamic persons to ensure that glory is brought back to the nation through sport, in particular football, hockey and badminton..........the implementation of a new education policy where Bahasa Malaysia can be the medium of instruction in national schools but where all students will have to study English, Mandarin and Tamil as well. Other languages can be offered as options as well. All students should also be required to attend philosophy classes where they are thought the fundamentals of Islam, Hindusm, Chrisitianity, Buddhism, Confuciousim, Sikhism- all faiths that exist in this multiracial country...........the implementation of a financial system that is dynamically caring and compassionate to all......the abolishment of religous, tamil and chinese schools as this divides rather than unites. However the attactive and good policies used in these schools will be carried over to the national schools..........To open this country to foreigners who want to do business without imposing any quota or restrictive policies on them, to allow them very special incentives so that they choose to invest here rather than any other country in Asia...........To invite qualified or talented foreigners to come to this country and practice their trade or share their talents by serving our communities........To implement policies that encourage and promote healthy competition rather than restrict competition........To abolish all protectionism policies........To prevent our talented and qualified citizens from migrating or working overseas. To attract those who are overseas back to the country with attractive policies.........the political will to have a free media and press......the political will to have a free and independent judiciary........ the political will to have a free and independent Attorney General Chambers and Anti Corruption Agency.......The political will to distribute wealth and development to all states equally........The political will to produce citizens who have high ideals and moral courage...The political will to prosecute all those who have siphoned off the country's wealth in the past and to recover this lost wealth to the people....To implement the policy of 'Bersih Cekap dan Amanah' but this time to do it correctly once and for all...To start negotiations to bring Singapore back to Malaysia and to invite Brunei to join us too.
The leaders of this country seem not to want the above proposals to be implemented. Instead they seem adamant to put obstacles to their implementation. Their conduct shows they do not have the intention of making this country great, rather they think of how to make themselves great and rich..It is a recipe for disaster for this nation in the long run.

Feb 12, 2009

Audacious Rescue Plan

I read from the newspapers that electricity charges have come down and the credit card companies are also reducing interest rates and late penalty charges. Even the NPE toll collection at PJS2 is going to be abolished on Valentine's Day. Looks like they agree partially with some of my proposals a few days ago but i am afraid the steps taken are not sufficient. Just this morning i had a man waking me from my sleep, begging me to settle a matter for him as he needed the money as his creditors were after his car and his house. This is very strange behaviour from a plaintiff. He said that while he was talking to me on the phone, he was on his knees holding my legs and begging. He said that i was his God now. I felt sorry for him as he sounded like a man in dire straits.. he swallowed all his pride to plead for assistance. I had to talk to my client who is the defendant and persuaded him to reach a settlement matter on an urgent basis - 'must settle by today basis'- and we managed to settle the matter in a win-win situation - RM5000 to be paid by my client to him today. The matter had to be settled even though i am confined in my home because of sickness. I can foresee more depressing scenarios than the one i faced in the morning in the coming months. And i really fear for the ordinary people. Is there a rescue plan?

Acts 4:32 of the Bible says:- "The group of believers was one in mind and heart. None of them said that their belongings were their own but they all shared with one another everything they had...There was no one in the group who was in need. Those who owned fields or houses would sell them, and turn it over to the apostles; and the money was distributed according to the needs of the people'.

If there is a rescue plan for the global economic crises facing Malaysia (or even the world today), the above must be it. All we need is a government or should i say, leaders, with the conviction, compassion and courage to implement it, like the apostles did. We are one people of Malaysia. We should forget all our petty differences - enough or politicking and by elections - forgive, then come together with one mind and heart as we face a colossal common enemy- the global economic crisis. The government should not act as if the enemy does not exist or underestimate it's threat. A clerk of a lawyer friend of mine in Pandan Indah was robbed yesterday and is in the hospital now. My dad was robbed of his bicycle the other day. I get emails from friends everyday telling me about all kinds of crime being committed these days. Crime rates will rise when people get desparate and lose their minds. Families will also break up. There will be compounded anxiety, insecurity, intolerance and anger.

Any citizen or leader who does not agree to the above rescue plan should be labelled a traitor to the people and be treated as an outcast of society- an enemy of the state. There should be one goal - to ensure that no citizen in this country is in need during this calamitous times. The government should come out with large funds, just like what the Americans are doing, the rich and powerful should in a spirit of goodwill, sell surpluss assets, the ordinary and mediocre should contribute a percentage of their income, the poor can also contribute whatever they can - for all can contribute something according to their means and ability- and the funds and services accumulated and put into the rescue package fund to be distributed responsibly according to the needs of the people. The goverment, banks, finance companies, utilities company, credit card companies, employers who have provided the 'umbrellas' for the people should act like i have proposed to provide an atmosphere of compassion, caring and bonding. When it is raining the people need the umbrella more. The umbrella should not be taken away during a heavy downpour. 'Breathing space' should be given. Peace of mind infused into all. What the country needs now more than anything else is compassion and loving kindness. With these qualities, we can overcome any crisis. The crisis is here and it poses questions:- how united are we as a nation after 51 years of independence? How compassionate are we as a nation? How courageous, how strong, how steadfast are we as a people? We have many different faiths and creeds in this country but do we practice what we preach? Do we just prefer to listen to sermons rather than act? How deeply entrenched are our moral/ethical values? Enough of anything that divides, More of anything that unites. And nothing unites better than Love, Selflessness, Sacrifice. I do not think that any country has ever implemented the above rescue plan on a national level in all history. I audaciously hope that we can. I know we can if we just have the right leaders and government.

27 years ago during the 1982 World Cup, we desparately wanted to watch the football matches live but the TV stations did not enough money to pay for the live telecasts. How poor we were then..Then someone came up with a simple plan- to raise funds via the Malay Mail so that we could watch live football matches. Malaysians from all over the country donated towards that fund and we ended up i think watching most of the matches live. That was an unprecendented, astounding success and i don't think we ever missed any live World Cup football match after that. It just shows how unity and solidarity can bring success and happiness to all involved in the process. Something greater is needed of all Malaysians now. We keep on saying - Malaysia Boleh. Yes I believe we can but let it be for the true, the right, the good and the lovely things in life. Let us have the courage to implement the audacious rescue plan and make history.

Feb 11, 2009

The question of a dying king

Following the theme of the movie, the Last Holiday, i read that a similar drama took place during the time of the Buddha. As the story goes one day the King of the Devas was very unhappy as he had only 7 days to live. So he went to the Buddha to ask how to overcome his unhappiness. He asked "All living beings always want to get happiness but there are not free from danger and suffering. Why is that?" And the Buddha replied "They do not get happiness because they bear envy and selfishness in their minds'. And the King asked "What is the cause of envy and selfishness?' And the Buddha replied "Envy and selfishness are caused by love and hatred. If they have no love or hatred they will not fall into the error of envy and selfishness. Love and hatred are in turn dependent on craving. And craving depends on discursive thinking about sense objects".

In the movie the Last Holiday, Georgia Byrd gave up envy and selfishness. It was easy to do as she was dying anyway - she had only 3 weeks to live. She had only loving kindness, compassion, sympathy and joy to share. Amazing truths are revealed when we just let go. When she did let go, she discovered happiness.

The Buddha mentions the words 'depend' and 'dependent'. It brings to mind his teachings on dependent origination. It is worthwhile learning this teaching by heart as it clears the way for liberation from the self when practiced diligently. It is no easy task though unless maybe when we are dying..

Briefly, it goes like this:- Ignorance causes karma formations/habits which causes consciousness which causes mind, body, matter which causes the 6 senses which causes contact which causes feeling which causes craving which causes clinging/attachment which causes becoming which causes birth which causes decay, sorrow, pain and death. If we go backwards, each is dependent on the other condition and we end up with ignorance- the root of all evil and suffering in the world. Birth does not have to mean physical birth but it encompasses all kinds of birth- thoughts, feelings, emotions within us. A mindful awareness of this process in our lives daily will reveal a self evident truth- that all things change, that there is no self- that selflessness, egolessness is the way to lasting happiness and peace in the world. Every school in the country should ensure that every student learn this teaching on dependent originiation. This will deal with the problem of ignorance -THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL AND SUFFERING- which education is supposed to eradicate anyway. The aim is to produce citizens who are selfless, egoless, high moral standing, for only such citizens can bring real change, benefit, success and happiness to the country. But is our present Education Minister, sultans or King even aware or realise the importance of dependent origination?

Bad for democracy

The nine members of the Judicial appointments commission (JAC) were made known today. There are 8 judges (presently serving or retired) and a former attorney general- all government servants. The JAC is to be entrusted with the selection of qualified persons as judges. The Government says the JAC is its commitment to increase public confidence in the judiciary. I do not think the present make up of the JAC will increase public confidence in the judiciary because they consists of the usual suspects. It would have inspired more confidence if a retired respected member from the opposition party, a respected member of the Bar, a respected religious leader (from the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem or Sikh faiths etc) , a respected NGO leader, and a respected lay person be included in the JAC as well. As it is presently constituted, i can't help feel that it will be pro government and that is always bad for democracy.

Last Holiday

I watched a Queen Latifah movie on cinemax today. It was "Last Holiday", a movie about a woman, Georgia Byrd who is diagnosed with an illness which leaves her just about 3 weeks to live. She decides to quit her job, withdraws all her savings and goes for a European vacation. She checks into the luxurious Grandhotel Pupp in the Czech Republic and begins to live life to the fulllest.
Two scenes in the movie provide food for thought. First when she is diagnosed with the fatal disease and was so depressed, she says to herself:- "You wait and you wait for something big to happen and then you find out you are going to die..' Then after she had the time of her life during her vacation, when she's alone in her presidential suite staring at the mirror, she said to her image in the mirror:- "Next time we will laugh more, we' ll love more, we won't just be so afraid.."
The moral of the story is to live life one day at a time. To live it as if there is no tomorrow. To throw caution to the wind. To give up all our prejudices and negativity. To make every moment count. To stop being so afraid about trying new things. To stop worrying and start living. Life is meant to be an adventure. Enjoy it. Things will take care of itself, luck will favor you when you live life to the fullest. It reminds me of Jim Carrey's "Yes Man". Say "YES". Be a Yes man not a No man.
A touching and feel good movie. First class acting by Queen Latifah. The music is good and the sceneries beautiful. The Czech republic should be my next holiday destination.

Feb 10, 2009

Economic crisis

President Barack Obama talks about a US813 billion dollar rescue package for the US economy. He is not sure it will be enough to resolve the present economic crisis described as unprecedented by Donald Trump recently. If the US economy collapses, then there will be a domino effect all over the world and this country will be no exception.
The ordinary citizen in this country is now worried and anxious about how to pay the mortgage, the car loans, the uitlities bills, the grocery bills, the credit card bills, the medical bills etc. etc. The system has made slaves of us all. There is negative energy in the atmosphere. We earn to pay our debts. One generation has also incurred another generation's debt. There is this never ending story of paying debts both at the national and personal level. And repayment of those debts are made more burdensome during this economic crisis. This is the time for the government to act. However that does not seem to be the case. What i see is a government more interested in staying in power and spending more time on elections. There are still those in government who say that this country will not be affected badly and we have the economic fundamentals to survive the crisis. Perhaps it's time to stop concentrating on politics and start tackling the looming crisis. The government should extend its hand to the opposition- declare a peace moratorium of one year- and sit down and work together. To share power to fight this crisis. Egos should be put aside and selfless sacrifice is needed from every citizen, from the Prime Minister in his Putrajaya palace to the beggar on the street.
I think that we should not underestimate the force of the present economic crisis. I propose that the government stop being complacent about the threat of the crisis and stop worrying about staying in power. It has the responsibility to act with a sense of urgency to mitigate the present economic phenomenon so that the citizens can have peace of mind. With peace of mind, we can tackle any problem.
The government can start with uniting the people with policies of moratoriums of 1 year or more - waiving income tax for one year, waiving assssments for one year, directing that banks and finance companies suspend all legal actions for debt recovery for one year, reduce electricity bills, direct banks to give out loans and credits to citizens at low interest rates, waive all taxes on foreign investment, aid should be given to companies to reduce retrenchment and special bodies set up to care for the unemployed and find jobs for them. An emergency fund should be set up for those who are poor or needful and steps taken to cut down on red tape and corruption at all levels of society. Incompetence should be rooted out from all government departments. Government and financial support should be given readilly to any body or corporation that shows will and ability to fight this war. Natural resources should be managed well by responsible people. There should be only one purpose - to unite all peoples - to enrich thy neighbor rather than to beggar thy neighbor. To enrich all. To give peace of mind to all and to strenghen all materially as well as spiritually. The super rich should be taxed heavilly and the taxes can be used to implement policies that distribute wealth among the peoples.
The goal is to tackle this crisis head on and bring on the bandwagon all the peoples, the best and as well the mediocre, irregardless of race and creed- for all can contribute in some way to enrich the country. We are facing a war and we need all the human resources we can acquire. We need to unite. Time is of the essence. If those in power do not act wisely and speedily, this country is doomed and there will be untold suffering on the sovereign people.

Feb 7, 2009

Chicken pox

Chicken pox is caused by the varicella zoster virus. Funny how these doctors come up with such evil sounding names for viruses. A person with chicken pox is sieged by the evil Varicella Zoster forces for days. He has high fever, red blister looking spots all over his body, pain, itch, weakness, in short- utter chaos among the peace loving cells in his body and dis-ease in his very well being.

Then the doctor prescribes the anti viral, Valtrex (they also have funny heroic names for antibiotics) and a good samaritan may prescribe a mangosteen skin fruit juice to help fight the virus. These good forces of the Valtrex and the Mangosteen Skinheads go into fierce battle with the evil Varicella Zoster forces to liberate the body from the latter's evil rule in order to restore the body to good health.

Likewise in the fight for independence against an evil regime, we need good people to fight.

An evil regime is one where the forces of corruption, immorality, corruption, oppression of human rights, selfishness, greed, extremism, fundamentalism and materialism reign supreme. It results in the decline of values and ethics, propagation of racist and master race policies, unfair distribution of wealth, waste and pollution of natural resources, poor health care and education for its citizens and lack of concern for the handicapped and the elderly. It ignores the well being of the people. It encourages the few politicians in power together with their family members and cronies to insidiously and artfully drain away the country's resources and the people's money.

In the battle against the evil regime, there will be people who prefer to do nothing or choose to be obstacles to the fight, people who are lukewarm. They are then part of the disease. Then there are the people of character, righteousness, virtue and courage, who hunger and thirst for righteousness and justice, people who are willing to sacrifice to ensure good prevails at all costs for the well being of the nation- they are part of the cure. Not all these good people may see victory when it comes. In fact some will be persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned, detained without trial and be casualites of war. However liberation will not be possible without them. In the fight for liberation, the ego has no place. All that is needed is just selfless sacrifice. The ego is an hindrance to the goal, which is, the liberation of the people from the evil, oppressive regime.

Quotes by thomas jefferson

" We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable: that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and unalienable, among which are the preservation of life and liberty ad the pursuit of happiness"
"For i have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man'
"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to accidental opinions of the day; but a series of oppressions..to plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery'

The Sovereignity of the People

3 members of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government in Perak have decided to leave the party to become independents who are 'Barisan Nasional (BN) friendly'. Thus the balance of power in the state is now 28 PR 28 BN and 3 Independent. The ruler of the state, the Sultan seems to say that as the 3 Independents are friendly towards BN, the BN has the right to form the state government. The old Menteri Besar (MB) is thus unjustly cast aside and a new MB is dubiously appointed. Now what if the 3 independents decide to become PR friendly again? The old MB still considers himself the MB. So there are 2 MBs in the state. The PR still considers itself the state government so there are two governments in the state. There is resentment by the people. There are clashes between the people and the police. There is potential chaos. There is confusion.
In my mind, the 3 independents are traitors to the people. They think the people chose them individually not the party, not the opposition. It is clear that the people did not choose them as individuals but as the collective opposition. Anyone who stood as a candidate for the opposition in the last election would have won. Politicians are trustees of the people. The people have elected them and they owe their loyalty to the people. They are public property. These 3 traitors have decided to bypass the people into the arms of the BN. They acted unscupulously, dishonestly, disloyally. They are people without good values, ethics or character. I am told that 2 of the Independents have corruption charges against them. Have they something to gain by hopping over? And the suspicion that they have been paid large sums of money too will always be there given the track record of the BN in money politics.
Leaving aside these 3 traitors of the people, what about the decision of the ruler of the state? He is supposed to be the guardian of the people. He should be able to read the sentiments of the people. He is no normal sultan. He was a former High Court Judge, Chief Justice of the Judiaciary and former King. Much is expected of him to act fairly and wisely. He should at once see clearly that these 3 have betrayed the people. The right thing to do would be to call for fresh elections in the state as requested by the old MB. How did he allow the new MB to be appointed? No constitutional provisions have been cited. How can he ask the old MB to step aside? Again no constitutional provisions have been cited. Thus there is now a dispute as to the legality of the new state government and the status of the new MB. What reasons have the sultan given for his decision? None as i know. Is he right to hide behind the dignity of royal silence? All these could have been avoided if the sultan had just left it to the people to decide in new fresh elections. He would then have been seen to have acted impartially and above the political fray. He would have acted dignifiedly as he looks. As a result of his failure to act rightly, the people who have opted for change in the last elections have felt betrayed by the 3 and the sultan.
This is the golden rule which every democratic government or monarch should bear in mind - when there is doubt- go back to the people. In a democracy the people is sovereign. If followed, there will be peace and all will be well. Just go back to the people. Problems arise when the people who allow the politicians and monarch to stay in power are bypassed and the politicians and monarch behave like tyrants.

The GAIA project

My last posting was in October 2008. Now we are in the new year both in the western and also in the chinese new year. Hwee Yong Jang the author of The GAIA Project 2012 has passed away since late last year. I purchased and read his book last December and found out that he has passed away when i visited the GAIA project blog recently. For those who are not familiar with the project, it is an unprecedented huge scale plan in this unlimited universe where earth is at the center of the plan. It includes the initial formation and the final change of the earth- the Earth's Great Change. The plan is already under process- marked by natural disasters, disease, war and social chaos- and is in its final stages now and until the year 2012- where it will end in our planet's ascension to a new dimension. In the end good will triumph over evil. 'GAIA' is a greek word referring to the earth goddess.

As i read in the papers today about the worsening global economic crisis, the gaza war and the unprecendented drought in China affecting its summer wheat harvest, it is self evident that Hwee Yong Jang's predictions are coming true. These are part of the events that must happen as part of the GAIA project until year 2012 when a new heaven and a new earth dawns upon mankind. Rest assured that we are not alone now. There are forces of good, 'angels' or 'guides' as Hwee calls them, in our midst today to assist those who have a part to play in bringing about the new era for the new world. So for all of us who hunger and thirst for righteousness, act NOW to correct whatever that is wrong around us, for the forces of good are with us.