Jun 12, 2009


Looks like the haze or smog is back choking us all. It is becoming an annual affair and what sickens me is that the government is doing nothing to stop it from becoming an annual affair. Sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and all the other dioxides fill the atmosphere- we are being poisoned to death in this 'gas chamber' which the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia are it's main joint sponsors. If Hitler's nazi war criminals could be tried in Nuremberg for the atrocities of the gas chambers, what about these two governments? Are they not criminals too? They commit crime against the environment and society year after year by their criminal negligence. To me this is the worst kind of atrocity. Killing all of us softly with their despicable apathy. They know the smog will have severe consequences on the public health - we all breathe in the filth 24 hours a day for months- year after year and yet they do nothing or little about it. Instead they enjoy happy holidays in Switzerland while the rest of us here succumb to disease and death. Perhaps each of us citizens should contribute to a legal fund - each of us contributing RM1 towards the fund to finance a litigation to sue these criminals as they have been grossly negligent to us all. I am sure a case can be made up against them. Forest fires raging from the Sumatra island increase by the day and the winds blow the choking smoke over all of us and the problem is compounded by the El Nino effect- res ipsa loquitur i.e. the thing speaks for itself. With opinions from medical experts on the affect of the smog on us all, i am convinced we have a case against these incompetent governments. Bring them to trial!
All we get from the government is the air pollution index. They don't even give us free N95 masks. So much for a caring government. As for the API, i wonder if the truth is really being told given these governments' record on transparency and corruption.
We are 'sitting ducks'. Helpless victims. I feel sorry for the elderly and those with respiratory and heart problems. They suffer the most and surely have their life spans shortened. What about the rest? They will in time suffer chronic diseases.
Perhaps its time for a truly environment and people friendly government to come into power in the next general elections.