Mar 20, 2009

Karma in football

For those who do not believe that the law of karma applies to football, think again. After the Champion League's draw yesterday, it looks like there is a real possibility of Manchester United meeting Liverpool in the Champions League Final. It was supposed to take place last year but did not. Well maybe the football gods have a better script in store this year. Liverpool has done the double over MU this season so far. The final between these two would surely be explosive, passionate and a no holds barred battle. A great treat for all football fans around the world though i think not for the organisers or the Rome police and security force. It would be a nightmare for them to control the fans from these two clubs with a great history, passion and animosity between them.
I don't think the scoreline will be 4-1 again. I am willing to wager RM100 on it. Coming to think of it, perhaps the 4-1 scoreline was a 'karmic debt' United had to pay to get an easier draw to the Champion's league final. The 4-1 thrashing was a freak result that i still could not come to terms with until yesterday's draw. The route to the final sure looks easier for United compared to their main rivals in the race for the Premier league title- Chelsea and Liverpool. Perhaps these two will knock , kick and batter themselves out in the two legged quarter final and be too exhausted to continue the race for the title. Well i think all we MU fans will be looking forward to just that. It is becoming an annual affair for Liverpool and Chelsea to meet each other in these crucial knock out stages of the cup. It would be a shock if it did not happen. Karma has it that they deserve each other for company. And i wonder why..
Coming back to the game last Saturday, I just cannot believe that Nemanja Vidic, the rock of the United defence could make such a mistake. I am sure a lot of United fans are still having recurrent nightmares about the give away. In the first game away to Liverpool, both Ryan Giggs and Wes Brown gave away balls to Liverpool to score. With all the humble pie MU team and their fans had to eat the last week and continuing, with all the boasting, ridicule and scorn poured upon by their rivals since that baffling, disastrous result, it is no wonder yesterday's draw favored them. Evidence of instant karma at work! The gods are kind and benevolent to the Red Devils. Liverpool had used all their good karma and now have a more difficult task to the final. So too Chelsea. Well if the 4-1 defeat was one MU had to pay to win the Premiership title, the Champions League cup and the FA cup, i think it would be most worth it. And we have to thank Liverpool for that if the quintiple becomes a reality.
Looking at the draw last night, it looks like it could be MU's year again to lift the UEFA Champions League Cup but then as the saying goes in football - 'the ball is round, anything can happen'. That's what makes football addictive to millions or possibily billions around the world. Best of luck to all contestants in the quarter finals. In these times of economic hardship, these games sure provide some form of relief to fans and great topics for discussion. It brings UNITY to all. Manchester United!

Mar 18, 2009

Manchester United and Liverpool

Looks like the Liverpool fans are still on cloud nine or ten this week. After all their team trashed MU 4-1. What orgasm for them until they can't forget it. Even they can't believe it so it was a fluke shot. Other clubs have also been encouraged by Liverpool players to attack United in the way Liverpool did as if a formula has been found how to beat MU. Well, as a MU fan, all i can say is that luck was with Liverpool last saturday, and rightly so as the they were more hardworking and compact as a team. The MU players were complacent, over confident, sluggish, not attacking the ball enough and therefore lost. Perhaps playing the game 2 1/2 days after the CL game against Inter Milan did not help.
It was a freak result. Anyway there is still opportunity for redemption in the Champions League. Maybe MU will have the last laugh. And he who laughs last, laughs loudest! Bring on Liverpool once more!

Bravo Chong Wei!

Looks like Chong Wei took my bruce lee advice and beat Lin Dan at the Swiss Badminton Open...Congratulations to him. Hope he starts beating the Chinese ace more frequently from now on.