Mar 18, 2009

Manchester United and Liverpool

Looks like the Liverpool fans are still on cloud nine or ten this week. After all their team trashed MU 4-1. What orgasm for them until they can't forget it. Even they can't believe it so it was a fluke shot. Other clubs have also been encouraged by Liverpool players to attack United in the way Liverpool did as if a formula has been found how to beat MU. Well, as a MU fan, all i can say is that luck was with Liverpool last saturday, and rightly so as the they were more hardworking and compact as a team. The MU players were complacent, over confident, sluggish, not attacking the ball enough and therefore lost. Perhaps playing the game 2 1/2 days after the CL game against Inter Milan did not help.
It was a freak result. Anyway there is still opportunity for redemption in the Champions League. Maybe MU will have the last laugh. And he who laughs last, laughs loudest! Bring on Liverpool once more!

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bodhi said...

We beat you clowns fair and square mate. Stop giving excuses and say it was a fluke.It was no fluke. On the day LIVERPOOL was better than that manure team of yours. We will gladly face you again!